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Plethora's Journal

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9th July 2005

_vide01:11 pm: No more plethora...

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8th April 2005

_bebeh06:13 pm: i need friends...
hey me lovely Plethorans, it's Coco
This is pretty cool, LJ is cool
I just joined...yep
so...i dont have any friends
wanna be my friend?

(PS. try not to read it in a whiney fashion please haha thanks)
Current Mood: relieved

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5th April 2005

shadowynight09:22 am: Hello Plethorans! It's Kayla.. and I can't really say much now.. but I wanted to let you guys know I joined. I'll try to be active in our.. activities. ;) <3
Current Mood: amused

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3rd April 2005

the_loser_kid03:14 pm: Hey hey, peoples. I'm glad people actually are writing in this! And this place looks real nice, so I wonder why that person wouldn't want to be named. [shrug] Leave me some love and ADD me please! I like having friends. I need friends, actually. XD
Current Mood: content

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30th March 2005

twisted_ink10:48 pm: 'ello all.
I'm am lix...hear me ROOARRR! *cough* Sorry. Anyways, I am a Maintainer of plethorans now, along with the member that made this community, but that person doesn't want to be named. So if anyone needs anything I'm here.

Current Mood: hungry

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28th March 2005

soquoii09:38 pm: War! Good God Y'all!
Proposed Icon Contest: Possible themes

If you have theme ideas, post ems here! XD Oh, maybe we could have a new contest like, weekly? everyone who participates could chip in say, 50 coinage and winner takes 3/6ths, second takes 2/6th and 3rd the rest? Or something completely different! Reply and post ideas for first contest! XD

Theme Ideas:
- the 90s
- Music
- Muppets
- Cult Classic movies (Eg. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Napoleon Dynamite, Velvet Underground..)
- Flowers/Trees
- TV shows
- (sneaks one under the radar) Monty Python!

... ect! If you think of one, post it chyeah cool! XD
Current Mood: artistic

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tehdrama04:01 pm: XD
I'm just going to be random XD;; Who thinks my icon over there~~~>
Is teh shex?
MmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmm... We need to get this place active and fun. XD

EDIT:...and I think we should use the penguin smilies here. XD roflmao.
Current Mood: crazy

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27th March 2005

soquoii11:50 pm: lj shtuf
Hi guyses! I figured I'd run some questions past you horribly pro people. T_T I have NO skill, talent or knowledge with changing the look of one's lj! I pretty much need someone who can break it down into swallowable (and hopefully learnable) chunks! How does the S1 work, and how can you do anything cool without having a paid account? .. Sigh!
Current Mood: annoyed

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tehdrama12:12 pm: Who's who?
I have an idea XD;; Before we start and all... Who's who here? As in who are you at Plethora? I don't know about you guys, but I need people to actually tell me or I'll get lost, . ^^;

Me? I'm....THE MUFFIN MAN!...er...wait..no. XDDD *cough* Hobbit.
Current Mood: awake

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26th March 2005

the_loser_kid09:03 pm: Hi there! Well...Uh, it's basically another place to blog, really, or you can advertise things and such. That's what we do on the other ocmmunity I'm in for forums. ^^

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